The rapid growth of tourism in Asian courtiers over the last few years has opened up
the traditional local cuisine to a variety of new tastes and flavours. With the rise of
global food chains and restaurants consumers are constantly looking for products
that they can use to enrich their cooking.

The availability of digital purchase platforms has significantly altered the way Asian
consumers buy food and supplements. There is a wide selection of local retailers
selling a global assortment of products and the availability of online retailers at the
touch of a smartphone button, the brand purchase funnel has seen a significant

The average Asian consumer is now aspiring to buy more premium F&B products
and increasingly from global shopping destinations.
We offer a wide range of services for international brands that wish to position their
brand properly.

Omnichannel Sales Platform 
For each and every country in Asia, we offer it’s unique sales channels which are
mostly in the following categories:

  • Retail – Brick and mortar shops

  • Online – dedicated F&B platforms

  • Hotel and events catering services

  • Wine and Spirits cellar

Follow-up & local support
In order to create an ongoing business, we make sure that are local teams provide
ongoing local support from initiating the orders to monitoring the local ongoing activity.

We have extensive experience in per country registration procedures to make sure
that all products are properly registered and certified for local sale.


Providing local logistic services which includes local warehousing, controlled delivery and storage.

Taking part in leading events that create the right exposure to your brand including
premium ethnic cuisine exposure in retail and events. Chef’s and recipes

recommendations, wine dinners and more.


If you are an International Brand and are interested in our services, or would like to discuss opportunities in Asia for your brand let us know.