Locating the perfect accessory to compliment your ensemble is easy thanks to these top Israeli jewelry designers. Our innovative artists crafting handmade, customised earrings, rings, bracelet, necklaces and accessories.


With the rapid growth in tourism from Asia to Israel, we experience a wider demand for local Israeli designers in Fashion and Jewelry.


Omnichannel Sales Platform 

For each and every country in Asia, we offer it’s unique sales channels which are mostly in these categories:

  • Retail – Brick and mortar designer shops

  • Online – dedicated L&S platforms

  • Pop up shops.


Follow-up & local support

In order to create an ongoing business, we make sure that are local teams provide ongoing local support from initiating the orders to monitoring the local ongoing activity.



Providing local logistic services which includes storage and distribution channels as well as working with the leading online platforms to create the brand awareness and increase sales.



Taking part in leading fashion events that create the right exposure to your brand.



If you are an International Brand and are interested in our services, or would like to discuss opportunities in Asia for your brand let us know.